DVB Solutions

Digital Video Broadcasting is an important and and integral part of our everyday life. Especially satellite TV products play a great role on providing a better and more effective alternative to terrestrial broadcasting  solutions with their chronic limitations.

FG-Digital is a leading player in DVB market with its innovative solutions and original approach to subject.

Our biggest advantage comes from thinking like a customer.  The answer to the question; “What a customer wants to see in a product” is one of the most important aspects our work and philosophy.

As FG-Digital we value our customers’ needs and try to come with the best solutions in terms of overall user experience and functionality.

We take user experience as a social approach rather than an engineering activity and ask ourselves “what would WE want” at every aspect of the project to meet the standards for even highest level of expectations.

This approach towards versatility and functionality makes us build innovative multimedia devices that seamlessly integrate with the customer’s eco-system and provide the best user experience that can be achieved in consumer segment.