FG-Digital currently works on solutions involving ultralight class helicopters. These vehicles have great advantages compared to other aerial vehicles with their lower cost, lower fuel demands and lower take off requirements.

One of the main advantages of a ultralight class helicopter is its versatility. These vehicles do not require a special take off platform to operate and even a small area of 10m2 s will be more than enough for take off/landing operations.  This versatility combined with lower costs makes ultralight class helicopters an ideal solution for both hobbyists and seasoned pilots who need an affordable and easy to handle vehicle for transportation.

We believe that, ultralight class helicopters will be the optimal standard for tomorrows transportation needs and we plan our R&D activities accordingly.

FG-Digital currently works in conjunction with Cicare, the leading developer of ultra light class helicopters. We also hold the distribution rights of Cicare for Middle East market and work in parallel with the Argentinean company  for research and development of new models.

We also provide support on piloting education and simulation solutions regarding Cicare products to 3rd parties.