Research and Development Activities

It is obvious that the technological advancements in the last century have greatly enhanced our lives. Results of these advancements; day by day have entered our lives and started to turn into indispensable solutions that directly changed the way we do things from going to work to washing our laundry.

In today’s world, technology is in a position that defines what we do, and how we do it. Through this perspective we can clearly emphasize that research and development of new technology is mandatory for a society that wants to advance to the next step in terms of a better and more comfortable life style.

Rapid development of new technology completely relies on R&D activities. It is obvious that, in today’s world; it is a must for modern countries to allocate as much resources they can to achieve the best results and benefit most.

Although it requires more resources to R&D activities; especially when compared to sole production the process has its own unique advantages:

  • Unique products
  • Competitive advantage
  • Long term income
  • New opportunities
  • Enhanced reputation

As FG-Digital, we believe in Innovation and motivate ourselves to come up with new and unique solutions instead of copying what is already in the market and see this aspect of our company as our strongest side.

Currently our areas of interest for our RD&D activities are as follows:

  • DVB Solutions
  • Helicopters
  • Paramotors
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Media and Broadcasting Technologies

Patents and Intellectual Property

FG-Digital holds and protects  all the patents and intellectual properties for its R&D activities in both domestic  and international scale.