• Innovative solutions for the needs of the modern world.

    FG-Digital innovation aims to give direction to the future with its investments.

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    Now everyone will be able to have helicopters

Why FG-Digital ?

We know the right products but could emerge with the right perspective.

Right Approach

Technological products; Find solutions to problems that reveals the specific needs and they make life easier. We FG Digital; Looking from the perspective of this technology and all the products that we have developed through this approach shaping people easier, happier, safer, more comfortable and produce technology to sustain life on behalf of

Right Technology

To properly design and manufacture a product but the user needs to know well and can be able to produce user-oriented solutions. Not only people but also the nature of the products we produce the effects that meets both possession and producing environmentally friendly technologies to leave a better world to future generations; FG-is the primary mission of the Digital.

Right Application

Designing technological products, the development and production process, accurate determination of the application and examination; R & D and innovation is a fundamental requirement for the study. FG Digital; purpose and need for the user and to produce environmentally friendly technologies and strive to ensure the most accurate use of these technologies.